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Supplier of raw ingredients to the soapmaking craft.
Phone us today on 0800 SOAPCRAFT or 027 298 6982, or Contact Soapcraft through an email.

Making your own soap, personal care and cosmetic products is rewarding and fun. It is also a way of getting away from harsh detergents that are harmful and irritating to the skin. There is nothing more luxurious than home crafted soap. Come to Soapcraft for all your soap supplies.

Big Changes! You may notice the shop is looking completely different…but don’t worry it is still Soapcraft. We are using a new shopping cart. You can get back to all the interesting things happing here at the front end by using the menu items in the shop along the top bar. Once you get used to it we are hoping you will find it easier to shop and load up your trolley with goodies.

Plus we will be able to run sales from time to time!  Do let us know what you think by dropping us a line.

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Subscribe to our Google Groups email based discussion list. Discuss recipes and different methods. This is a moderated private list and is for soapmakers in New Zealand and overseas. You can choose to have a digest of the days or weeks emails or recieve every one. A very lively and informative group.

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